Guilty by Laura Elliot

GuiltyGuilty by Laura Elliot
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

After a disagreement with her parents thirteen year old Constance Lawson decides to sneak out of her house to perform a dare given to her from a secret club she’s joined. After completing the dare however something happens to Constance keeping her from returning home so the next morning her parents are frantic and begin the search for their daughter.

Karl Lawson is Constance’s uncle and had been close with his niece so when the search begins he shares that he knew of her being in the secret club but had thought he’d gotten her to give it up. As the days go by with no trace of the missing girl the media runs wild with the story and when her body is found suddenly Karl finds himself the main suspect in the crime.

Guilty by Laura Elliot is going to be one of those psychological thrillers that plenty of people fall in love with but unfortunately I wasn’t one of those people leading to my low rating with this one. For myself I found this one a bit on the slow side and hard to connect with while reading. The focus on the media or more specifically the journalist Amanda Bowe left a lot of the book being news articles which to me throws off my pace with connecting with the characters and feeling it becomes more of reading the evening news.

This book is told in four parts and to be honest if the entire story was only the first part dealing with the missing Constance I might have scored this one a bit higher also. Searching for a missing child and wanting to know just what had happened is rather intense and engaging so that part of the book had my attention. After moving on though is when it started to drag for me and I really start to question what is going on and the characters interactions. I can see why others would love it I suppose but just in my own opinion it wasn’t anywhere near as engaging a story after a certain point and this one turned out to just not be for me.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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