No Turning Back by Tracy Buchanan

No Turning BackNo Turning Back by Tracy Buchanan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Anna Graves is a new mother who has just returned to her job as a radio personality and has a hard time not worrying about her child safety especially while returning to work. Unfortunately for Anna the unthinkable does happen to her when out on a walk with her baby, approached by some young teen boys Anna fears for their safety and pulls out a weapon to have things escalate into the unthinkable, a young boy’s death at Anna’s hands.

The police believe Anna’s story of self defense and let her go but her troubles have just begun when it comes to public opinion. Being responsible for the death of a young boy haunts Anna at every turn with the media not letting the story go. Then Anna receives a chilling message from someone calling themselves the Ophelia Killer, a serial killer that had tormented the town twenty years before.

No Turning back by Tracy Buchanan was a thriller read that for me had it’s ups and downs while reading. Starting off the author gave the impression early that Anna was an overprotective worrier when it came to her child so I was expecting the attack to happen but had to read through it twice trying to figure out what set Anna to be so defensive. I guess I just didn’t see it as completely realistic to make the jump to what had happened while reading through that scene.

As the story goes on I found once you get into the serial killer portion it became a little different than the beginning had been. I wasn’t quite sure how it would all tie together though so I was still a little hesitant on whether I’d end up liking the book at all but the book did pick up for me in the latter stages. I did appreciate the ending being different than other ends of thrillers in I’d never would have thought of putting it all together so it ended up being an OK read for me.

I received an advance copy from the publisher.

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