Into Aether: A Teen Steampunk Novel (The Trinity Key Trilogy of the Aether Series Book 1) by L.M. Fry


Into Aether: A Teen Steampunk Novel (The Trinity Key Trilogy of the Aether Series Book 1)Into Aether: A Teen Steampunk Novel by L.M. Fry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Theo has been alone for about a week when her mother should be returning from a business trip but doesn’t show up at her expected time. Worried that something has happened Theo starts to get a bit frantic when a strange note shows up from her mother telling that Theo and her Aunt Grace should follow the included instructions and travel to meet her.

After going home to pack Theo is startled when two men break into her house before she can get her suitcase together. On the run now trying to get to her mother she and her aunt find themselves being followed by men looking for a key Theo knows nothing about and upon following the instructions from her mother Theo finds herself boarding a strange airship to a strange land full of automatons and even stranger people.

Ino Aether by L.M. Fry is the first book in the Trinity Key Trilogy. The series is a young adult read that features a bit of a mix of steampunk/sci-fi and fantasy along with the almost mandatory in young adult books bit of romance.

Reading this first book of this series I honestly felt like I picked up two different books due to the pacing of this story. The first half seemed a bit slower with the build up of the story but saying that is slightly wrong too as the steampunk world isn’t even really explained and introduced until the second half. Once you really get into that world the story even picked up the pace rather quickly having a lot more action going on.

In the end I felt this was just an alight read, it felt it could have used a bit of work pulling the whole thing together a bit better to keep my attention and interest all throughout. Also, while it’s not bad it still felt as the usual young adult story buried in a new steampunk world, I wouldn’t have minded skipping the he’s got great eyes and focusing more on the mystery of the keys and things along the line.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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