Claiming Mister Kemp (Baleful Godmother, #4) by Emily Larkin


Claiming Mister Kemp (Baleful Godmother, #4)Claiming Mister Kemp by Emily Larkin

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

DNF @ 39%


Official Synopsis:

A forbidden love…

Lucas Kemp’s twin sister died last year. He’s put aside his mourning clothes, but not his heartache. If Lucas ever needed a friend, it’s now—and who should walk in his door but Lieutenant Thomas Matlock…

Lucas and Tom are more than just best friends; they’ve been in love with each other for years. In love with each other—and pretending not to know it.

But this time, Tom’s not going to ignore the attraction between them. This time, he’s going to push the issue.

He’s going to teach Lucas how to laugh again—and he’s going to take Lucas as his lover…



DNF @ 39%

Claiming Mister Kemp is the fourth book in the Baleful Godmother series by Emily Larkin which also had a set of prequel novellas in the Fey Quartet series. I have read all of the previous books in both series and had really been enjoying the mix of fantasy, historical and romance up until book 3 of this series. In the third the main character crossed a line I wasn’t comfortable with and now this book seems to be doing that over and over again so I have given up on finishing this one.

The book is a sort of crossover of book three highlighting a couple of characters that were in that story and their relationship. It starts with Tom coming back to find his friend grieving the death of his sister on the anniversary of her passing by becoming extremely drunk. Tom insists on helping Lucas to bed which includes undressing him and then ends up taking oral advantage of the incapacitated Lucas. Now since when does “No” not mean no??

There is also absolutely no build up for this couple just being thrust into this act which then follows with much of the same over the following chapters. Lucas is always no and Tom pushes and gets his way. Personally I just had enough of this and can’t continue the read. There would have been better ways to show Lucas’ fear of being caught and the men loving one another but those weren’t present that I found. Perhaps the story goes on to become more since I know that the author can write a good story I’m just not a fan of the pushing someone into something they have said no to repeatedly.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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