It’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell

It's Always the HusbandIt’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kate, Aubrey, and Jenny met in college when the three were paired together as roommates. The girls were as different as different can be but despite that they still formed a bond that has lasted into their adult lives. Bonded together all those years ago the trio could best be described as having a love hate relationship between them much of the time.

Now twenty years later the trio finds themselves back in the same town yet again with one of them standing on the edge of a bridge and someone else urging her to jump. Just how did things go this far and end up where it has? What secrets did the girls share that brought them to this place in there lives?

It’s Always the Husband is told switching the timeline back and forth between Kate, Aubrey, and Jenny meeting back in college and how their friendship forms along with what the girls endured during those years and now in the present with them coming back together. The three of them couldn’t be any more different from one another with one being the spoiled rich girl, one the local townie and then the other coming from a rough family background.

The story is one that I was on the fence throughout reading this book as to whether I was enjoying it or not. Quite honestly I never did really care for any of the three main characters at any point during the read, they’ve all got their issues and weren’t really appealing to me at all. There’s also some other issues like a sheriff that wasn’t a bit realistic and a few other things here and there I didn’t care for either. But that being said the story did rather engage me wanting to know was it the husband? Or even just what had happened in the past and present before it was revealed so I decided to rate this one right down the middle since I was still interested in answers while reading.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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