The Stranger Inside by Jennifer Jaynes

The Stranger InsideThe Stranger Inside by Jennifer Jaynes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Diane Christie has lost her husband to suicide so she decides to move herself and her son to the small coastal town of Fog Harbor, Massachusetts. Diane’s older daughter is attending college nearby and Diane thinks being closer to her daughter will help mend their strained relationship but when a young girl is found murdered at the local college Diane’s worry pushes her daughter further away.

After the murder Diane is volunteering at the local crisis hotline when she receives a call from someone disguising their voice that seems to know details the police haven’t released. With a new man in Diane’s life, a daughter that does everything to push her mother away and a son with health issues Diane doesn’t understand why the caller seems to be singling her out which makes her question everyone in her life.

The Stranger Inside was one of those psychological thrillers that I found quite easy to dive right into and begin to know the characters and get completely engaged in the story. At every turn of the page there was a new shady character to point the finger at and wonder could this be the killer? I found this completely compelling to continue reading and find out just how it would all turn out for this interesting cast of characters.

When finished with this one I was reading a few other reviews that completely hated the ending of this one. I have to say for me personally I rather enjoyed the ending, a bit off the map as far as what you would think would really happen when a killer is finally named but yet set up well for it to work in this story and quite possibly be the reaction that could happen, it certainly had my attention to the very end.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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