After the Fall by Julie Cohen

After the FallAfter the Fall by Julie Cohen
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Honor is now in her seventies and living alone so when she has a bad fall down the stairs she ends up with the hospital calling her next of kin… her daughter in law, Jo. Jo had married Honor’s son years before but unfortunately he had passed away and Honor and Jo had never been close so it came as quite the surprise when Jo gets the phone call from the hospital.

Jo knows that Honor has no one else in her life to help her out and wants her to get to know her granddaughter Lydia better so she wants Honor to stay with them while she recovers and develop a relationship with Honor again. What happens are the three generations come together to get to know one another and discover the secrets between them as they grow closer together.

After the Fall is one of those books there were some things I loved and some others that I wasn’t a huge fan of during the read leading me to rate this one at 3.5 stars. I loved the idea of the three generations of women learning more about one another and bringing their family back together after being separated by the death of Jo’s husband. Honor herself also quickly became a favorite of mine with her spunky attitude and learning about her background only made me love her more.

As for what I wasn’t a fan of in the book I really would have preferred more to the discovering of secrets in the book. I didn’t really find anything all that shocking but more of just the growth of the characters and bringing them together. And starting off the read I wasn’t a huge fan of Jo, while I was glad she did the right thing bringing Honor back into her life she was just a bit too meek and timid to get behind her personality quickly, luckily she grew one me though. In the end I did enjoy this read simply for the family being brought back together and learning about one another.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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