Dangerous Behavior by Nancy Bush

Dangerous BehaviorDangerous Behavior by Nancy Bush
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sam Ford has had a bit of a rocky relationship with his brother Joe for years now since Joe ended up marrying Julia, Sam’s ex-girlfriend. Sam and Julia had been sweethearts back in school but had a falling out pushing Julia to rely on Joe through some tough times in her life after which she accepted his proposal.

Now Sam has received a text from Joe asking for him to meet him at his dock which seems a little suspicious but when Sam arrived to find Joe’s boat gone he begins to worry. Soon after Sam hears of a boat on fire and just knows that Joe and Julia are involved. Julia ends up being rescued but unfortunately Joe’s body is recovered. Sam vows to find out just what happened and who had taken his brother’s life.

I was a bit torn on my feelings towards Dangerous Behavior the entire time I was reading this book. The mystery/thriller side to the story wasn’t bad at all but I still had my own hesitations to enjoying this one. I am unfortunately not a huge fan of relationships with siblings and the fact that the book kept focusing on how in love Sam and Julia had been when Julia’s husband has just been murdered was a bit of a turn off. Just my opinion on this one but I feel it would have read much better not focusing so much on the past and then not pushing a new/old relationship popping up between the main characters after such a tragedy.

Without the relationship focus between Sam and Julia I think I would have really gotten invested in the story with this book. There was an obvious serial killer couple that the reader would get glimpses of while reading. Intrigue and suspense with the boating accident and plenty to keep a reader guessing. For me though being disconnected with the romance part of the story I didn’t get as invested in the book as I would have liked.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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