The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda


The Perfect StrangerThe Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Leah Stevens job as a journalist was on the line as she continued to protect her source on a story and ended up with a restraining order and the threat of a lawsuit. Not knowing what to do with herself Leah ends up running into an old friend, Emmy Grey, right at Leah’s lowest time. Emmy proposes the pair move to somewhere new and each gain a new start in life.

Heading off to western Pennsylvania with Emmy, Leah finds herself taking a completely different job as a teacher at the local small town school. Emmy however is still her normal free spirit self and working odd jobs and coming and going at all hours. When a woman is attacked and the suspect having connections to Leah an investigation is opened and Leah realizes Emmy hasn’t been home in several days so Leah has the police begin looking into her disappearance.

Last year I read Megan Miranda’s All the Missing Girls and completely loved the story so when offered a chance to review The Perfect Stranger I immediately knew I had to read this one. After finishing I am certainly happy to be giving another review on another great thriller from Megan Miranda. As with her first book it took no time at all to become completely engaged in the story and characters and not want to put this book down.

With Leah having a background in journalism but losing that job she made the perfect mix of a strong and smart but yet slightly tormented female lead that I quickly became entranced with following her story. The book started right off with the action and never stopped as the story added twists and turns and other crimes and dilemmas for the reader to try to follow and solve. Never a dull moment and really enjoyed reading this one and look forward to picking up any future thrillers from this author.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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