The Devil’s Country by Harry Hunsicker

The Devil's CountryThe Devil’s Country by Harry Hunsicker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The only way to cope with losing his wife and children for Arlo Baines has been to keep on the move around the state of Texas. Hopping off a bus in the small town of Piedra Springs however brings Arlo into the middle of a mystery. Arlo used to be a Texas Ranger before the loss of his family and when outside of the small bar he happened upon a woman and her two children seem to be in danger Arlo can’t help but interject.

The next day after saving the woman and her children from two thugs though Arlo finds out that the woman has turned up murdered and the children are nowhere to be found. The local sheriff of course has every reason to suspect the newcomer but Arlo maintains his innocents and insists they much find the missing children.

The Devil’s Country is a fast paced suspense read where former Texas Ranger finds himself deeply involved in a mystery in the small town he’d stopped in. Because of Arlo’s past he isn’t exactly friendly with the law but since he had been a Ranger he’s trained to investigate so that put him in his own one man army trying to solve a crime that the locals didn’t seem to want to investigate.

The story also contains a lot of flashing back to build up Arlo’s character and slowly let readers learn of his past and just what really happened to his family. Both the past and the current really seemed to hold my interest as the story developed and was a bit surprised at how the whole story turned out.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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