The Wrong Unit: A Novel by Rob Dircks

The Wrong Unit: A NovelThe Wrong Unit: A Novel by Rob Dircks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Wrong Unit is a dystopian science fiction read that takes place about 850 years into the future. Heyoo “Hey you” is an Autonomous Servile Unit, a sort of AI in a somewhat human chassis that was meant to be a help on the farm in the area that is controlled by CORE. CORE is a computer system that has taken over and holding what humans are left in the world captive and controlling them.

When Heyoo goes in for repairs he ends up captured by some rebelling humans and transported out of the area that he knows and then finds that it was a case of mistaken identity, he wasn’t the robot meant to be captured. Along with finding himself in the middle of nowhere Heyoo finds that he was sent with a “package”, a human infant, to deliver to someone called Iceman. Since Heyoo’s job has been to serve and protect humans he does everything to keep the young child alive and complete the mission.

This was a rather lighthearted science fiction read being told from the point of view of an android in the future. Heyoo has a rather developed personality already in the beginning of the story but as he goes on his adventure his personality grows along with the infant he finds himself caring for that he cleverly names “Wah” due to the amount he cries.

Buried beneath the humorous narration though was an interesting plot to go along with the humor of the story. The whole idea behind the story is that humans created these computers but they end up eventually taking over the world and now the humans are trying to rebel. Heyoo being accidentally caught up in the rebellion is fitting due to his own rebellious nature.

Although some of the story and situations really became far fetched I could only continue the feel of the story and laugh when things went a little overboard. The book was just a rather fun lighthearted read all the way through that I couldn’t help but enjoy Heyoo and Wah’s adventure.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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