White Sand, Blue Sea: A St. Barts Love Story by Anita Hughes

White Sand, Blue Sea: A St. Barts Love StoryWhite Sand, Blue Sea: A St. Barts Love Story by Anita Hughes
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Olivia Miller is vacationing with her mother and step father in their villa in St. Barts where they plan on celebrating Olivia’s twenty fifth birthday. When a man shows up at the door Olivia thinks it’s someone her mother has invited to the party and welcomes him in but is shocked to find out it’s her biological father, Sebastian, that she hasn’t seen in twenty years.

A globe trotting artist Sebastian claims to have come to celebrate Olivia’s big day and since she is excited to finally know her father everyone tries to be welcoming. However things heat up when Sebastian tries to invite Olivia to travel with him thus spoiling her boyfriend’s surprise engagement and wedding plans.

When picking up White Sand, Blue Sea I was quite under the impression that this was supposed to be a romance read however the one thing the book is seriously lacking is any sort of romance to the story. This is really where my rating of 2.5 stars comes into play with this one, the story is all a rich family drama and really more of the problems brought by the runaway father’s return.

The small bit of relationship involvement comes when Olivia and her boyfriend have a bit of a fight over her returning father and then a bit with Olivia’s mother and her relationship. In my opionion though the author dropped the ball with not letting readers even know what was going on with Olivia’s mother and stepfather until the very end so I wasn’t even engaged in something there either.

Overall, 2.5 stars for this one. It had a beautiful setting being in St. Barts but that was the only saving grace for me as far as the story went, would have been much nicer to have a romantic story in this setting.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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