Don’t Kiss the Messenger by Katie Ray

Don't Kiss the MessengerDon’t Kiss the Messenger by Katie Ray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a child Cece Edmonds was in a serious car crash that left her with a horrible scar upon her face. Now a senior in high school Cece has developed a tough girl persona to deal with those that comment about her scar. The captain of the girls volley ball team she has her circle of friends that she’s close to but has trouble letting anyone else into her life.

Emmett Brady just started classes at Cece’s school and when the two end up paired together Cece is immediately taken to him but won’t allow herself to believe he could ever be attracted to her. Then when Emmett is blindsided by new girl Bryn DeNeuville’s good looks Cece really thinks she will never be given another look. However when Bryn gets tongue tied with Emmett she asks for Cece’s help texting and emailing him and Cece gets a bit carried away with her online romance.

Don’t Kiss the Messenger is a young adult contemporary read which to me is a modern day teenage take on the story of Cyrano de Bergerac. As Cece tries convincing herself that she’s only helping out her friend Bryn win the guy she herself is slowly falling for Emmett who she doesn’t believe would ever consider her. I really enjoyed reading this one, a cute read with likable characters.

When finished reading though I did take notice of a couple of things during the read that kept me from rating a bit higher. First, I felt it seemed a bit off for these to be high school seniors in the setting they were in, it seemed a more college like atmosphere. Also, there were several times I felt Emmett should have guessed what was going on but I suppose then we wouldn’t have a story either so he had to be a bit clueless. Overall though it was a rather enjoyable story.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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