A Betrayal of Time by Lucia Ashta

A Betrayal of TimeA Betrayal of Time by Lucia Ashta
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vivienne and Ray have known each other all their lives and fell in love with each other before they were old enough to even know what love was. Now as high school is coming to a close the pair have decided to attend a party but when Vivienne separates from Ray to use the restroom their world is torn apart in an instant.

Twenty years after the massive event happened that claimed the lives of a lot of the other teens in attendance at the part Vivienne appears out of nowhere. Everyone she knew has aged even though she hasn’t at all. Vivienne longs for Ray to also return but when he doesn’t she dedicates her life to figuring out time travel to hopefully save Ray from whatever event had sucked her into the future.

A Betrayal of Time by Lucia Ashta is a novella length fantasy read that had a great story of lovers ripped apart but would do anything to be together again. The town thought it was an earthquake that had stolen the lives of their children until the day Vivienne appeared again. Once it was known that she wasn’t the only one who’s body hadn’t been recovered she dedicates her life to figuring out what had happened.

While being a short read the author did a wonderful job weaving together the time travel along with letting the readers know enough about the characters to care about their outcome. This is definitely one I’d recommend to the fantasy/time travel lovers out there.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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