Match Made in the Highlands (Matchmaker Cafe Series Book 1) by Pam Binder

Match Made in the Highlands (Matchmaker Cafe Series Book 1)Match Made in the Highlands by Pam Binder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading some things in her mother’s diary and wanting to find answers Irene Redmond finds herself traveling to the Scottish Highlands to visit Stirling Castle. When arriving at the castle Irene believes she’s signed up to do a historical tour but soon finds things aren’t quite what she thought they were going to be starting with hearing the word matchmaker over and over again.

The guests are decked out in clothing authentic to the thirteenth century and told to make no mention of the current era after entering the castle. Little does Irene know that the three sisters in charge of the tours are longtime matchmakers that have decided that Logan Mackinnon would be perfect for Irene.

Not only does Irene find herself in the midst of the matchmaking but then finds the castle is enchanted sending the guests to the actual thirteenth century. But unfortunately this trip has come with some trouble makers and things get heated with our guests in danger of not being able to return to their own time.

Match Made in the Highlands is the first book of the Matchmaker Cafe Series. For being a shorter read the story actually surprised me with just how much action the author packed into this story. I found Irene’s quest turned into one that was rather entertaining as the story went along and found myself wondering just what may happen next in her adventure.

Being a short read though I would say the story could have used a bit more depth and explanation here and there as with most novella type of books. I didn’t find this one too terribly lacking though as the story does keep a reader entertained all throughout even without going further into the characters and plot. With time traveling, romance and a bit of historical action set in the highlands this certainly became an interesting read.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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