One Wild Night by Melissa Cutler

One Wild NightOne Wild Night by Melissa Cutler
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Skye Martinez has reached a time in her life that she wants nothing more than to finally find the right man to settle down with and start a family. Skye’s mother thinks she can cast a spell that will help Skye attract the right man into her life, someone stable and local that is ready for marriage. After the spell is cast Skye finds herself being asked out constantly but still really not impressed with her options.

One night while working her job at the Briscoe Ranch Resort Skye meets a handsome stranger at the stable and the pair go for a midnight ride. Little did Skye know that this handsome bad boy is none other than the famous country music singer Gentry Wells. Gentry is the opposite of what Skye wants in a man but the attraction is there so what would one last wild night hurt?

One Wild Night is the third full length book in the One and Only Texas series, there are also a couple of shorter novellas in the series. The books all take place at the Briscoe Ranch Resort but as with most romance series it is not necessary to have read other books in the series to enjoy a single read. There are mentions of other previous characters though for those that have read the earlier books.

For myself this one had a bit of a contradictory edge to it that had me a bit back and forth on how to rate this one. Skye is close to her family who are very religious and she mentions several times throughout how she feels she’s punished for her actions but the entire story is based on her and her “wild night”. Now the night in question was pretty steamy and the setting is enjoyable along with having the famous country artist wanting more for himself so otherwise with this one I found the story enjoyable enough but I wish Skye hadn’t been so wishy washy about her religious beliefs.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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