Two Good Dogs by Susan Wilson

Two Good DogsTwo Good Dogs by Susan Wilson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

After Skye Mitchell’s husband was murdered she chooses to move herself and her fourteen year old daughter, Cody, to a smaller town and try to make a go of it running their own hotel. Little does Skye know that her daughter witnessed the murder and is now scared to death that the killer will return so she has shut her mother out and gotten involved in all the wrong things.

Adam March finds himself looking for a place to stay one night with his pit bull Chance when he comes across Skye’s place of business during a horrible storm. Pleading to not turn him away due to his dog being with him he convinces Skye to let him stay the night and in turn becomes a regular customer of the hotel.

Adam one night has Cody take Chance for a walk and when the pit bull gets away from Cody she finds herself coming across a young man who overdosed with his dog left alone. Luckily Cody is quick thinking and immediately takes action calling for help for Mingo and with Adam taking Mingo’s dog Cody becomes determined to see the pair reunited.

Two Good Dogs is told from multiple points of view during the story from Adam, Skye, Cody and even the pit bull Chance tells his story. I actually thought involving Chance was a rather cute idea and enjoyed that part of the read but as for the rest of the characters I didn’t really find them overly exciting. Skye and Adam seemed to just lack any personality that stood out to make them extremely likable and Cody seemed more the normal teenage angst and testing her mother even if that’s explained as her witnessing a murder.

I was also sort of expecting some type of thriller or cozy mystery type of read with this story but was left wanting more in that area of the read. There is a lot of personal drama being dealt with all the characters that could be a bit entertaining so that I didn’t completely dislike this read but I also felt myself wanting a bit more to pull me into it other than some teenage angst being dealt with which is why I’d wished there was more of a mystery/thriller edge to it.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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