Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas (Creative HeArts, #6; Willa and Finn, #2) by Emily McKay

Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas (Creative HeArts, #6; Willa and Finn, #2)Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas by Emily McKay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Weddings, Crushes, and Other Dramas is the sixth book in the Creative Hearts series. Each book in the series has featured a couple from the performing arts school in Texas that they all attend. Willa and Finn’s story began in the second book of the series when Willa’s father returns home with his new girlfriend, Finn’s mother, who is a famous actress. With their parents a new couple Willa and Finn are thrust together as future step siblings but the pair find themselves drawn to one another regardless even though they both fight the feelings.

Now it’s time for the wedding between Matt and Mia to take place which leads to Willa and Finn spending much more time together than ever. While practicing their dance lessons for the wedding and also working together on a senior project at school the two slowly begin a friendship while Willa also sees how her relationship she’s been in to avoid Finn is not exactly living up to expectations.

Even though this is the second book featuring Willa and Finn I do believe this one could still be understandable as a standalone if one chooses. You get glimpses at previous characters from the series in each of the books but the story is always one that can be understood without prior knowledge but this is a fun young adult contemporary series all throughout too if wanting to go back and read prior books.

My one disappointment would be that it took so long to work through everything going on in this that you barely get any Willa and Finn together in their story. Of course it was still nice to be reading what is going on with their friends from other stories and working out their dynamic but it also would have been nice to have the story a bit longer too instead of a feeling of a sort of rushed ending.

Overall, still enjoying the creative characters and situations in this young adult contemporary series and look forward to any additions there may be in the future.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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