Garden of Thorns by Amber Mitchell

Garden of ThornsGarden of Thorns by Amber Mitchell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sixteen year old Rose has spent the last seven years of her life in captivity being forced to perform in a burlesque type of show for a man known as the Gardener. Rose has learned to do whatever she is told while in captivity because if she doesn’t her best friend, Fern, will be punished in her place so Rose as a performer would not be marred. When it’s found that Fern has been involved in the rebellion and is killed Rose finds that now is her chance at escape.

During a performance Rose takes the opportunity before her to carry out her plan to escape and free her fellow captives but when her choice of hostage turns out to be the leader of the rebellion, Rayce, Rose finds herself trading in one type of cage for another as he takes her with him and she loses the opportunity to release the other girls. Rose quickly learns though not every man is the same and she finds herself beginning to see Rayce in a different light as she tries to convince him to help free her friends.

Garden of Thorns by Amber Mitchell is a young adult fantasy read with a rather interesting setting involved with Rose having been captured at a young age and forced to perform for most of her life. There is upheaval in the land as the rebellion tries to right the oppressive leadership all the while Rose is trying to free her friends.

I will say however that while the story is an enjoyable read with good writing and full of action to keep up the interest I found the overall idea behind the plot to be a bit predictable. Young Rose had a secret that of course seemed rather obvious to me all throughout and when it was revealed I had been correct. The relationship growing between Rose and Rayce of course was also easy to spot as soon as they meet. But even with it’s predictability in the plot it was still a fun young adult read overall.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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