Gardenia by Kelsey Sutton

GardeniaGardenia by Kelsey Sutton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Seventeen-year-old Ivy Erickson has one month, twenty-seven days, four hours, fifty-nine minutes, and two seconds to live.

When Ivy was a child she learned that only she can see the numbers above others heads that count down until the exact moment that they will die. Ivy’s grandmother had suffered a heart attack right in front of young Ivy as her numbers counted down to zero and that was Ivy’s first experience with this deadly phenomena.

Ivy learned over the years there was nothing she could do to stop what was fated to happen with those around her or her own countdown which would expire before Ivy even graduates high school. Struggling with getting close to those around her she has an on again, off again relationship with Myers Patripski to deal with but for Ivy the most important thing to do before her time is up is to find the murderer who had claimed the life of Ivy’s best friend.

Gardenia had a new to me concept involved in the fact that Ivy can see when everyone will die, including herself. It’s my understanding there’s other books out there with this concept but being the first I’ve read it certainly had me thinking all throughout reading about just how horrible this must be for the main character to live with. How could you deal with knowing when those around you will go or just how many days you have left yourself?? This alone fascinated me with where the story would take a reader just knowing that Ivy knows her days are numbered so she could throw caution to the wind with chasing a killer knowing that it wasn’t her time yet.

The book is a bit of a mixed bag of genres involved in it with a lot of focus on the contemporary side of the story with Ivy’s family and relationships. As much as it’s nice to get to know a character and their lives I think the story lost a bit of focus on the mystery/thriller side to it which would have made it just that more intense of a read. I did think the story wrapped up rather nicely as far as the killer and ending but it seemed to be one that was concluded kind of suddenly instead of leading a reader to it a bit more.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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  1. I requested this book too! Such an interesting concept. It kind of reminds me of the movie with Justin Timberlake. I forgot what it’s called, but it’s similar. People have numbers on their on wrist indicating how long they have to live.

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