Don’t Tell a Soul by M. William Phelps

Don't Tell a SoulDon’t Tell a Soul by M. William Phelps
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Don’t Tell a Soul by M. William Phelps is a true crime read about the killing of thirty nine year old Cherry Walker. Cherry was considered mentally challenged but she had made a life for herself living on her own with only a bit of help. She’d also taken on babysitting for her neighbor Kim Cargill who was ultimately accused of murdering Cherry.

When Cherry didn’t show up one day where she normally would be her family tried contacting her with no luck. Later a body is found and the family just knew before the testing was done that it was going to be Cherry. As things unfold it’s found that Kim was an abusive mother and Cherry had been set to be a witness to her abuse.

Don’t Tell a Soul just turned out to not be a read for me simply based on the style the book is written in. It felt the entire time reading that it’s more of a run down of facts without feeling or emotion written in to make me love or hate the characters as I should when reading about a murder. This one really made me feel more like reading case files or newspapers stories than a book throughout a lot of the story. While it’s not a style of writing I enjoyed if anyone is a fan of true crime they may still like this one.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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