Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Behind Her EyesBehind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Louise is a divorced, single mother who has had more than her share of lonely nights since her marriage ended. On a night out to a bar Louise meets a man and they share a kiss but he leaves shortly after and Louise realizes it’s because he’s married. As disappointing as it was to find that out Louise was still relived to have just met someone to boost her confidence.

What Louise never expected was to cross paths with the mysterious married man from the bar again but yet when arriving at work she gets the news that she has a new boss, David, the man from the bar. The pair agree that the night out was a mistake and they will keep it professional and work together. Louise however has a run in with David’s wife and ends up befriending her behind David’s back bringing the trio into a web of lies as they all hide what is going on between them.

Behind Her Eyes has been marketed with the hashtag #wtfthatending so of course it had my curiosity up as to what that meant and if I would think it myself after reading. I’m happy to announce that yes, when finish it is a #wtfthatending moment. It took me a bit longer than I would have liked to read since I had a physical copy of this one and had to put it down even when I didn’t want to but believe me if I could have it would have been an all in one sitting read.

However, this is a tough review to write without giving spoilers because I do believe that a fan of a pure psychological thriller just may not enjoy this one as much as someone who mixes genres and reads a bit wider variety like I do. I loved this one but there are some things in here that readers may have to suspend their beliefs to enjoy. Even the triangle set up between the characters alone had me thinking really, would someone really befriend the wife of the man they almost had a relationship with? But there are other things at play also in the story that I don’t want to mention but would send a word of caution that this one goes way past the normal thriller.

In the end this one was such a compelling, pull you into the book and not want to put it down story that I had to give this one high marks as this reader at least truly enjoyed it.

I received an advance copy from the publisher.


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