Collide by Michelle Madow

CollideCollide by Michelle Madow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Collide introduces us to Anna who has lost her mother recently and gone through a rough time recovering from the loss. Now she is focused on school and has her boyfriend Jake that she’s really close with and the promise of the upcoming Halloween dance. We follow Anna through the week leading up to the dance but during the actual event things go horribly wrong when a shooter appears and Anna is the target.

Rewind a week and Anna awakens in what seems to be a parallel universe after her horrid night. In this world though Anna finds that her mother is still alive and the friends she had abandoned in the world she knew are still close to her but her boyfriend Jake is now with someone else. Unfortunately for Anna it seems as events begin to play out in this world the timeline is still leading to the dance and that horrific night so will she be able to stop it this time?

As usual with a Michelle Madow book Collide immediately grabbed my attention right from the start with it’s fast paced action and a unique story line mixing time travel and parallel universes along with a young adult romance filled with plenty of action. There is a bit of a love triangle involved in the story while switching universes for those that don’t enjoy those but for me this was one that was easily understandable and not a distraction from the overall story.

Now, for the couple of things I didn’t quite like with this one bringing my rating down a tad bit. First, as much as I enjoyed the fast pace and plot in here there are a few questions left at the end that I would love to see continued. Originally this was meant as a standalone but Michelle has expressed a possibility for a sequel so maybe those will be answered. Also, I would have liked the chapters to be better sorted… they were titled by the date and that would sometimes mean several in a row with the same title which could be a tad confusing.

Overall, Even with a couple of complaints this was still another great read from Michelle Madow, fast paced and action packed.

I received an advance copy from the author.

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