Resistance (Divided Elements Book 1) by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

Resistance (Divided Elements Book 1)Resistance by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Anaiya is a fire elemental and peacekeeper in the city of Otpor. It’s been nearly two generations in Otpor since the execution of Kane 148 and the city being returned to Orthodoxy in which Anaiya helps protect every day proving her loyalty and value to keeping the peace. But when Anaiya comes across a mural upon a city wall that is calling for the resistance she finds herself given a high risk task that just made demand an impossible sacrifice, Anaiya’s own identity.

Resistance is an adult science fiction/dystopian read in which the author has created a world in which there is incredible tension in the land and characters that are fighting in which to keep the peace. As much as I wanted to love this one I never really found myself getting completely engaged in the read for the most part due to the somewhat overwritten style in my opinion. Just a bit too much descriptive text that kept burying the story within and I found it hard to keep myself focused on the world and the plot within.

While I’m rating this one at 2.5 stars I’m sure that some will love what the author did with this story and the world in which it takes place. There’s a mix of dystopian and science fiction with also a touch of romance involved so for the fans of somewhat mixed genres with a slower pace it might be right up their alley I just personally kept wanting a faster pace and more action.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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