Arranged Trilogy: Omnibus by Julia Crane

Arranged Trilogy: OmnibusArranged Trilogy: Omnibus by Julia Crane
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

With Earth in ruins and the planet dying after a war that has lasted for more than a hundred years on the planet magical creatures of all kinds are trying to rebuild and replenish Earth. There is still a small resistance of humans that fight against magic being on their planet even though the human population is down to a small percentage of what it once had been and in danger of extinction.

Tulupea’s mother is the Queen of the Fae realm and had been on Earth trying to use her healing powers to rebuild the planet. She has come up with a plan along with an Earth scientist to create a superior race breeding a human and a fae through scientific methods. Tulupea of course wants to meet the human she is being volunteered to breed children with and soon finds herself falling for the strange human and fiercely wanting to protect him and the planet Earth.

Arranged Trilogy: Omnibus is the complete collection of novellas from the Arranged Trilogy by Julia Crane. The collection includes Arranged, Betrayed and Entwined. Tulupea’s story continues directly on from novella to novella continuing what happens with the experiments to revive the planet Earth and her developing relationship with the human Michael.

Tulupea was a bit of a spoiled brat type of character in the beginning which may be a bit of a turn off for some. She is what she is though, a princess that has not known anything other than her world of comfort and quite headstrong as she has been raised to someday rule. I thought the author portrayed her just how she really should be and became quite fond of her. Michael is also an interesting character as he is going against what he had been taught to believe and showing compassion for those he would have been fighting against.

As for the overall story between all three editions I will say I was much more invested in the first book when I read it than the second two. The first was a bit longer in length and was completely action packed and interesting. However, as the story continued on in the second and third installments the books seemed to get a bit shorter each time in which it seemed that to continue the action things just seemed to be added out of convenience instead of fully investigated and incorporated into the fantasy world in a much more fluid manor. If the books had been lengthier perhaps it wouldn’t have felt as choppy later on or perhaps if keeping to the shorter length a bit of scaling back to adding so much would have been better. Regardless the story was still entertaining overall, just perhaps needed a bit of tweaking to rate a bit higher in my opinion.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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