Dead and Breakfast (Merry Ghost Inn #1) by Kate Kingsbury

Dead and Breakfast (Merry Ghost Inn #1)Dead and Breakfast by Kate Kingsbury
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After a messy divorce Melanie West decides to take her grandmother up on opening up a bed and breakfast in the small town on the Oregon coast. The ladies have already named their upcoming B&B the The Merry Ghost Inn due to the rumors that the house they’ve purchased is haunted and it doesn’t take long for them to start hearing the ghostly laughter.

Unfortunately, while Melanie and Liza are in the middle of remodeling to get ready to open the Inn they come across an actual skeleton in a hidden closet. The police are called in but seeing that the body had been there for years the case gets put on the back burner for a more recent homicide that needs solving so Melanie and Liza decide to do some investigating of their own to try to help since they won’t be able to open until the case is solved.

Dead and Breakfast is the first book in the new Merry Ghost Inn series by Kate Kingsbury. I found this cozy mystery to be quite charming with likable characters and a fun setting. Liza is one of those grandmothers that you just fall in love with as a character, a bit of a spitfire and feisty but a very loving grandma nonetheless. And who doesn’t love a fun read that includes a ghost in the mix?

The ladies so their bit of investigating simply by asking around the small town and stumble across a few clues in their home so the story comes across as something that could happen. A somewhat simple mystery that if following the clues you should be able to figure out but still a fun read following along with this pair as they solve the case. I will certainly be looking forward to more adventures happening in the Merry Ghost Inn in the future.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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    • I hope you like it! I was reading over the other reviews and the complaint coming up seemed to be too cookie cutter type of cozy mystery… I guess I don’t read enough cozies to think that myself, I thought it was a rather cute read. 🙂

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