Call Me Daddy (A Cass Adams Novel Book 2) by Kelly Stone Gamble

Call Me Daddy (A Cass Adams Novel Book 2)Call Me Daddy by Kelly Stone Gamble
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cass Adams had thought everything in her life had changed for the better until she was out for a drive and managed to hit a man with her truck. The town still sees Cass as all kinds of crazy after the murder of her late husband but thankfully this is quickly ruled as an accident.

Things get a little hectic after the accident even though Cass wasn’t to blame when they find out that the strange man was Roland and Clay’s surprise half brother Britt. Britt has come to town to track down his half brothers in hopes to get them to donate a liver to the father they hadn’t seen in years and on top of it all Cass needs to tell Clay he just may be a daddy soon.

Call Me Daddy is the second book in the Cass Adams series by Kelly Stone Gamble. In the first book, They Call Me Crazy, we met Cass who talks to dead people and had been medicated by her former husband and a lousy town doctor for years but now is coming to terms with her problems.

This series also reminds me somewhat of daytime television with it’s family drama and problems involved but it’s actually an incredibly funny read. The setting is a small town where everyone knows everyone… perhaps a little too well at times which brings in the drama. And now with this edition we take a look at family and what that means to the characters so mixed in with the humor is some nice wisdom about family.

I’m a fan of this series and would recommend this to anyone who wants a good lighthearted laugh with some really zany characters and situations.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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