A Cold Tomorrow (Point Pleasant, #2) by Mae Clair

A Cold Tomorrow (Point Pleasant, #2)A Cold Tomorrow by Mae Clair
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Katie Lynch was on her way home one evening when she came upon a car off the side of the road and stopped to try to see if anyone needed help. Coming across Jerome in a bit of a trance only speaking the word “cold” Katie knew she needed to get help in case he’d been injured. When a police officer comes along Katie is relieved and leaves her neighbor to be taken care of by the officer.

The next day Katie calls the local sheriff’s office to speak to her friend, Officer Ryan Flynn to check on Jerome’s condition. Finding he’d never been admitted to the hospital and there never had been an officer “Brown” in the department leads the pair on a bit of a mystery to find just what Katie had come across that night. Along with multiple reports of strange lights in the sky and the officers of Point Pleasant find mutilated animals this small town is again in the middle of a mystery.

A Cold Tomorrow is the second book in the Point Pleasant series by Mae Clair. The story takes place in again in the small town of Point Pleasant, WV where fifteen years before there had been a major bridge collapse with massive loss of life with rumors of the accident having a supernatural cause. The town is full of different mysteries and sightings such as their famous creature the Mothman along with rumors of UFOs and mysterious men in black.

This second installment picks up shortly after the end of the first but the main characters have changed in this second installment of the series. Those we met in the first book are still involved and you do find out more about what is going on with them but this time the main character is Katie who had found out what had happened to her missing sister in the first book along with Ryan, the brother of the main male character in the first.

This series has a great mix of elements built into it, there’s the mystery/thriller aspect but with a mix of supernatural and paranormal thrown into the mix but you also have a bit of a romantic suspense. The book expands the story this time to include UFO sightings and the mysterious men in black that cover up these sightings all the while continuing on the story of the creature known as the Mothman in which we learn more of what exactly this creature is.

Overall, a great series best described as a supernatural thriller with a bit of romance in the mix. Also based a bit on real life events as far as the town’s bridge collapse that had happened fifteen years prior.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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