Away in Montana (The Douglas Ranch of Paradise Valley Book 1) by Jane Porter

Away in Montana (The Douglas Ranch of Paradise Valley Book 1)Away in Montana by Jane Porter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

McKenna Frasier had fallen for Sinclair Douglas when the pair were very young and McKenna has the opportunity to tutor Sinclair. But McKenna’s family was incredibly wealthy and Sinclair’s father simply worked in the mines which seemed to also be the path that Sinclair himself would head down one day.

When it came time for McKenna to leave for college and an introduction to society she pledged her love to Sinclair but as the years past McKenna found herself to be having to much fun in the big city to return to Montana and Sinclair. But then the day came that McKenna’s reputation came into question and she had to return home a shamed woman after which her father disowned her.

Now making a life for herself as a schoolteacher McKenna finds herself crossing paths with Sinclair once again. Sinclair had waited patiently behind for McKenna and made something of himself while she was gone but McKenna finds herself not trusting anyone after her experience in the city so will there be any hope for this pair after all this time?

Away in Montana is the first book of the Douglas Ranch of Paradise Valley series. What I didn’t realize when I picked this one up was that this particular read is actually historical fiction and takes place back in 1889. This was actually a lovely surprise to get to visit the small towns life of Montana that I’ve read about in many other stories but back while the towns were being formed.

The story had great characters to go along with the lovely setting and really seemed authentic to the times. It’s a clean romance where the characters do share a past together but need to overcome things years later to hopefully find their happily ever after in the story. I’d definitely recommend this one to any fan of historical romance.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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    • Thanks! I didn’t expect it to be historical but now I want more of them like this one. Hooked on the Montana romances and it was fun to take it back to the earlier times 🙂


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