Miss Wrong and Mr Right by Robert Bryndza

Miss Wrong and Mr RightMiss Wrong and Mr Right by Robert Bryndza
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At nineteen it took walking down the aisle for Natalie Love to realize she was too young and not ready for marriage. Running from her wedding Natalie finds herself with her Gran burning her wedding dress and being chastised by her mother for not going through with it. When her fiancee gives her the ultimatum of wedding or nothing Natalie chooses to leave for London with her Gran to find her own way in life.

Now fifteen years later Natalie is the manager of a successful theater company who has brought in a famous actor from the United States to be the lead in their next play. She also hasn’t married yet but finds herself in an unsatisfying relationship with her yoga instructor Benjamin. When Natalie finds that her theater is going to get new competition she’s more than a bit surprised to find out that the new owner opening a show across the street is none other than Natalie’s ex fiancee.

Miss Wrong and Mr Right is actually the fourth book I’ve read by Robert Bryndza but the first three were a police procedural thriller series. Having loved the first three books I’d read I made a note at the time that Mr. Bryndza also wrote romance reads and thought I should pick one of those up some time. Well when seeing Miss Wrong and Mr Right up for review I just had to read this one and boy am I glad I did.

This story is a romantic comedy and it certainly didn’t take long at all for the laughing to begin. There’s nothing better than a book that brings out whatever emotion in a reader that it is aiming for them to feel and in this one it was a ton of laughs. Natalie’s Gran steals the show very early on in this book and she really didn’t let go the whole read, such a funny and unique character, I absolutely adored her. But even though Gran stole the show with the laughs it was also a great story with Natalie finding her way in life and searching for her own happiness.

Overall, another winner from Robert Bryndza, whether a thriller or romance read I’ve enjoyed all that I’ve read so far and will certainly pick up more from him in the future.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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