The Hands of Time (Elementals #5) by Michelle Madow

The Hands of Time (Elementals #5)The Hands of Time by Michelle Madow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Hands of Time is the fifth and final book in the Elementals series by Michelle Madow. The book picks up right where the action left the readers in the fourth book in the series, The Portal to Kerberos. The entire series is a fast paced young adult fantasy adventure heavily based on Greek Mythology.

In this series we have been introduced to five teens who have elemental powers and have been sent on an adventure to close the portal to Kerberos and save the world. Each book has led to a high intensity action packed adventure along their journey with this latest being no exception to that.

At book five there isn’t much left for me to say about this series other than wow, what a great way to end it all. I’ve really enjoyed reading the entire series and love the adventures in each of the books based on Greek Mythology as the group tried to save the world. Still would definitely recommend giving this series a try.

I received an advance copy of this book from the author.


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  1. Have to agree – this has been a great series and this is a brilliant ending. If you enjoy books based on Greek Mythology, have you read Lure of Obsession, the first in The Muse Chronicles series by Lisa Kessler? The second in that series, Legend of Love, is currently up on NetGalley (and I’m reading it!).

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    • I’ll have to check that one out sometime. Wouldn’t want to request the 2nd book though unless I can pick up the first so it will probably be added to my neverending maybe someday TBR. LOL

      Absolutely loved the Elementals series though and with just trying to get back into gathering my thoughts to write reviews I was just thinking at review number 5 what else can I say now other than just read this one!! 🙂


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