His Christmas Miracle (Love in Montana Book 5) by Dani Collins

His Christmas Miracle (Love in Montana Book 5)His Christmas Miracle by Dani Collins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Quincy Ryan hadn’t known that an ex-girlfriend of his had become pregnant and given birth to a son, Atlas. But now that she is gone Quincy finds himself with custody of the young boy with no idea of how to be a father so Quincy decides to move to Marietta, Montana to be near his own father to help with his new son.

After failing at her dream of becoming an actress Nicki Darren finds herself in Marietta looking for any kind of work she can find. Meeting Quincy and finding his need for help with his four year old son Nicki jumps at the chance to take the job since she had lost her own mother at a young age and immediately felt for the young boy. Quincy soon finds that Nicki is just what was needed in his and his young son’s life to bring them all closer together.

His Christmas Miracle by Dani Collins is the fifth book in the Love in Montana series set in the charming town of Marietta, Montana during the holiday season. This one features something that I adore when it comes to romance, not only the couple involved bonding but the child in the relationship coming in first before the thoughts of developing a relationship.

As with other Marietta, Montana books there are glimpses into previous characters from the other books and glimpses into this small town and it’s charm especially during the holiday season. Another lovely romance read in this somewhat magical town that always seems to end up with such heartwarming results.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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