Unmasking Miss Appleby (Baleful Godmother, #1) by Emily Larkin

Unmasking Miss Appleby (Baleful Godmother, #1)Unmasking Miss Appleby by Emily Larkin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Charlotte Appleby had lost her parent at an early age and was then sent to live with her aunt and uncle where instead of feeling like family she had felt more of a servant. On Charlotte’s 25th birthday she receives a strange visitor in her room, a faerie that tells Charlotte that she is allowed to make one wish. The only thing that Charlotte has ever wanted is the ability to support herself and not rely on her aunt and uncle so Charlotte debates carefully and decides to wish for the ability of metamorphosis.

With Charlotte’s new ability she leaves her home and sets off to London to find a job now that she has the ability to mask herself as a man since a woman wouldn’t be able to obtain work. Answering an ad for a position as a gentlemen’s secretary Charlotte finds herself working for Lord Cosgrove but the Lord has his share of problems that Charlotte quickly becomes involved in. Someone had attacked Lord Cosgrove and he feels that his life might be threatened as more events happen.

Unmasking Miss Appleby is the first book in the Baleful Godmother series by Emily Larkin. However, the Fey Quartet series by Emily Larkin is a series of novella prequels that give a look into the ancestors of the characters that we find in the Baleful Godmother series. It wouldn’t be completely necessary to read the prequels to understand this series but it was nice to have read more depth into how Charlotte came about receiving her birthday wish from a faerie.

Unmasking Miss Appleby is one of those books that was easy for me to become completely engaged in reading as it crosses so many genres and categories and has a life all of it’s own. This is a mix of a historical, romance, paranormal, mystery with a lot of action and adventure thrown into the mix to keep the story flowing. Charlotte’s ability to change shapes adds so much into the book as far as helping her progress in her life and then helping her to help her new boss to solve his problems so it all wraps in quite nicely to make one fun story to follow.

My only warning with this one would be to those that do not prefer sexual content. There is quite a bit of it in here with Charlotte not knowing anything about sex with this set in the early 1800’s she finds herself tossed into things she had no knowledge of in her new position as a man and the sexual discovery is a big part of the story.

Overall, looking forward to the rest of this series, a great start with a historical romance with a touch of paranormal and mystery in the mix.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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