Her Christmas Cowboy (The Scott Brothers of Montana Book 5) by Katherine Garbera

Her Christmas Cowboy (The Scott Brothers of Montana Book 5)Her Christmas Cowboy by Katherine Garbera
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lane Scott has returned to his hometown of Marietta, Montana just in time for the holidays but hasn’t been feeling festive after he lost his legs in combat while serving in the Marines. Felicity Danvers has been hiding from her Christmas obsessed mother when she runs into Lane whom she’d had a huge crush on back in high school.

Lane had tried to ask Felicity out several times in high school but Felicity was so shy she could only say no out of fear. Now that the pair are adults Lane is still interested but Felicity is more afraid than ever to do or say the wrong thing around him and coming out of a terrible relationship she feels like she couldn’t ever be worthy of his love.

Her Christmas Cowboy is the 5th book in the Scott Brothers series with each of the books featuring a different brother and his love interest. While I’ve read several books set in Marietta, Montana during the holiday season I haven’t read this entire series but each of the books usually read fine as standalone novels with just mentions of previous characters and settings in the town.

For anyone that is a lover of all things Christmas then any of the wonderful books taking place in Marietta, Montana seem to bring the season to life so wonderfully. The town has so many events and a small town vibe that is always fun to read about. The couple in this story were both lovely people that I couldn’t help but want to see get their happy ending too which made this a great read.

Overall, another lovely Christmas romance in Marietta, Montana, a small town with wonderful holiday charm.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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