Good Behavior: Letty Dobesh Chronicles by Blake Crouch

Good Behavior: Letty Dobesh ChroniclesGood Behavior: Letty Dobesh Chronicles by Blake Crouch
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good Behavior: Letty Dobesh Chronicles by Blake Crouch is a collection of three novellas formerly published separately featuring the character Letty Dobesh. The collection includes the books The Pain of Others, Sunset Key, and Grab. These stories and Letty are going to be the focus of a new show coming to television on the network TNT.

Each novella features Letty on a different adventure and in the first Letty is freshly released from prison and fighting her addictions when she attempts to return to her former life of crime. Unfortunately when Letty learns of a murder she finds that there are lines that even she won’t cross.

Good Behavior is an OK enough read but perhaps I went into this expecting perfection and it seemed to fall a bit short of that for me. I’ve heard so many good things about Blake Crouch’s books that I couldn’t help but want to try one out but Letty and her stories just really didn’t grab me the way I hoped.

For a character that suffers from addiction I kind of found the fast paced adventures she ends up on a bit far-fetched. Really though I can see this one making an entertaining television show but reading all three novellas together it just seemed a bit jumpy going from one to the next with not enough to get me invested in Letty or believing her to be the heroine.

Overall, three fast paced adventures featuring Letty, not as great as I was hoping for but still an OK read in the end.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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    • I do want to read the Wayward Pines series but it wasn’t available in ebooks or audio, only physical copies so I’ve been putting it off. And with Dark Matter I saw so many good reviews I thought about requesting but figured I would be too late so I’ll watch for it at the library too.

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