The Murder Game by Julie Apple

The Murder GameThe Murder Game by Julie Apple
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Meredith Delay has been working as a prosecutor for the past ten years. She’s hard working and her life revolves around her work while her personal life has been a bit up in the air. When a high profile case crosses Meredith’s desk she’s in a bit of a shock to see that the defendant is an old law school friend of hers, Julian, and he’s been accused of murder with a very rare and risky defense.

Not only is the defendant an old friend but he is being represented by Meredith’s ex-boyfriend, Jonathon. Meredith, Jonathon, Julian and Lily had been a tight knit group in law school and Meredith immediately thinks there is no way she should stay on this case with her history with all involved but her boss insists she’s the one for the job.

The Murder Game is told by alternating the timelines between the current day where Meredith finds herself prosecuting her old law school friend and flashing back to the past when the group met and their time in law school. With this book I found the alternating timelines worked very well and brought so much more into the story as far as the character building was concerned.

This is one read that didn’t take me any time at all to become completely hooked in trying to unravel this story. Meredith is a strong female lead that I immediately liked and it was certainly intriguing to find that she knows all those involved extremely well and to follow along with getting to the bottom of the case and whether Julian had committed the murder.

Overall, an intense legal thriller that had the pages turning, definitely one I’d recommend checking out.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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  1. I cant wait to read this one! Have you read Fractured by Catherine McKenzie? It is about an author who relocates after being stalked… this book (The Murder Game) is actually the book that the author in Fractured was famous for… if that makes sense. So Julie Apple is a pen name for Catherine McKenzie, because Julie Apple is a character in Fractured.

    I hope I didn’t just confuse you lol

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    • I haven’t read Fractured yet but I did read the story on how both books connect so it really makes me curious. Heard some good things about it too which I can believe since I really liked this one. 🙂

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