Infinity by Jus Accardo

InfinityInfinity by Jus Accardo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kori is a typical rebellious teenager with one exception, her father is an Army general who is extremely overprotective. When away her father sends in a couple of soldiers to watch Kori but it’s not in her nature to sit back and do what she’s told but when Kori’s life is threatened she begins to see her life was not what she thought.

Kori’s life has become a lot more complicated when she learns that her father is the head of a special division called the Infinity Division. Those working for Infinity have discovered the ability to jump dimensions. Life is just not the same when you learn you have doppelgangers in other worlds and someone from another dimension is out to kill you.

Infinity is one that has a lot of great elements involved in the story to keep it interesting while reading along. Secret government projects, a character finding out that she’s been lied to all her life, traveling to other dimensions, a bit of a romance trying to blossom… plenty to stay entertained all throughout.

The one thing I would say though is that while I enjoyed reading this one I don’t think it completely jumped out as new and original. The characters are great, the plot entertaining but all of it reminds me of a few others that I had read so while this was a good one I would have liked a bit more to make it pop out on it’s own.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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