The Other Wives Club by Shari Low

The Other Wives ClubThe Other Wives Club by Shari Low
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Drew Gold has decided the best way to celebrate his 50th birthday is taking the entire family on a luxury cruise. The thing is that to Drew family doesn’t stop with his current wife, Tess. Drew has also invited Sarah, Drew’s first wife and also Mona, Drew’s second wife who replaced Sarah.

Sarah has been in an emotional hibernation since her rough divorce with Drew so she plans on using this opportunity to get out and reinvent herself. But Mona on the other hand wants nothing more than to win Drew back into her life. So with all of the wives along with children and current spouses the birthday cruise turns into one drama filled twist after another.

The Other Wives Club was a really fun fast paced read perfect for a laugh and a bit of lighthearted drama filled entertainment. This one was really close to being a higher rating for me if it weren’t for just trying to keep track of all the different characters involved and getting to know who was who during the story.

I’d say this one reminds me of those old prime time drama TV shows that you didn’t know from week to week who was going to end up with who. A guilty pleasure in that form and this book ranks right up there with them with the added bonus for me of it being set aboard a cruise ship which I absolutely love.

Overall, great read that I would recommend checking out for some juicy drama aboard the high seas.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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    • It has 344 pages but it really didn’t feel long at all which is saying a lot since I’m always complaining about too long. A mix of relationships, travel, fashion, flirting, fun and drama… 🙂


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