Don’t Fear the Reaper (Netherworld, #1) by Michelle Muto

Don't Fear the Reaper (Netherworld, #1)Don’t Fear the Reaper by Michelle Muto
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

After the death of her twin sister Keely Morrison has sank further and further into a depression and now has decided that suicide is her only way out and a chance to reunite with her sister. Keely finds herself in the bathtub when a man appears and Keely thinks that he has saved her until he parents come home. Then she learns that her attempt was a success as she watches her parents grieve over her body.

Keely finds that the man she thought saved her life is actually a reaper and now Keely is trapped in a netherworld on Earth. Her hope of finding her sister and seeking revenge on her murderer has Keely in an in between state fighting for her soul and her sister to find peace or spend eternity in hell.

Don’t Fear the Reaper was an OK story of what could happen in the afterlife but I felt that it really didn’t wow me with originality either. I’ve read others that are very similar to this one and while there are some interesting things tossed in to explain Keely and her depression and the overall plot was enjoyable enough it did seem to be a bit predictable.

I think for me what could have been done a bit better is Keely’s interactions with Banning and Daniel. Her situation gets slowly explained with these two seeming to have the answers but just not being forthcoming which made the story drag along where I would prefer there just be more action happening.

Overall, an OK read, good writing just not much to stand out as new and original to have me extremely excited in this read.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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