Out Of Play by Joy Norstrom

Out Of PlayOut Of Play by Joy Norstrom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gillian Campbell has come to the point that she has no idea how to save her marriage and decides to start seeing a therapist. The problem to Gillian is that her husband would rather focus on his new hobby, LARPing or live action roll play, than have anything to do with her these days no matter how many times she tries to talk to him.

Gillian’s therapist asks her to try not complaining of her husband’s hobby but perhaps she ought to give it a shot herself, maybe just maybe Gillian may find this fun or at least understand her husband better. Renting her own costume and volunteering for the weekend Gillian sets off on her own role-play adventure in hopes of saving her marriage.

Out of Play was one of those reads that pleasantly surprised me more and more as I read through the pages. The idea of the live action role play seemed to be an interesting setting to focus a story around and I was glad to be right in that regard. The setting led to some rather humorous moments as Gillian dove into this world she didn’t understand.

But once getting passed the situation in the book that has brought the main character to try such an unique event I was wondering just where this story would lead. Would Gillian turn into one of those over reacting females that can be somewhat or a turn off? Just when I began to question things the author flips the story into one that is quite emotional catching me again off guard so color me quite impressed with combining so much into a somewhat short little story that truly had me feeling for these characters.

Overall, quite enjoyed this emotional little tale from the beginning humor to the ending that may require some tissues. Great story with a unique setting.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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