Dark Water (DCI Erika Foster #3) by Robert Bryndza

Dark Water (DCI Erika Foster #3)Dark Water by Robert Bryndza
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Detective Erika Foster has no longer been working homicide and is now in the drug division. When a tip comes in that narcotics have been hidden at a local quarry Erika orders a search but not only do they find drugs but buried in the quarry is a skeleton of a young child.

The remains are identified as belonging to seven year old Jessica Collins who had been reported missing twenty six years earlier. Erika calls in a favor and gets herself assigned to the case vowing to find whoever put young Jessica into her grave and get answers for a family that has grieved for their loss for far too long.

Dark Water is the third book featuring DCI Erika Foster written by Robert Bryndza and just like the first two books in the series this one does not disappoint in the least. I was a tad worried after learning our gritty heroine Erika would be transferring but this story brings her right back to where she belongs with the same cast of characters still surrounding her as she solves yet another case.

As with the first two books in the series the twists and turns pile up as Erika tackles finding her killer. There’s never a dull moment in following along as the story develops and plenty of suspects and situations to keep you on your toes trying to solve the case right along with Erika.

Overall, definitely another winner from Robert Bryndza, I’d recommend this series to any fan of a good police procedural.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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