Oracle of Philadelphia (Earthbound Angels, #1) by Elizabeth Corrigan

Oracle of Philadelphia (Earthbound Angels, #1)Oracle of Philadelphia by Elizabeth Corrigan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Carrie is an oracle who has already lived thousands of years and she knows that her immortality comes at the price of the suffering of other innocent souls. She’s been working in a diner in Philadelphia now in the current time while she councils whoever comes to seek her advice whether that is humans or angels.

The latest person to seek Carrie’s help is a man named Sebastian who is a good soul who traded his soul to heal his sister who was dying of cancer. Carrie knows it’s her duty to stop this deal whether that means she’ll have to actually travel to hell herself to save Sebastian.

Oracle of Philadelphia is the first book in the Earthbound Angels series. During this story there are flashbacks all throughout time as Carrie remembers things she had been a part of including counseling Mary and Joseph after the birth of her baby so it certainly made for interesting reading having a fictional tale spun around real life events.

However, I did find myself sometimes getting a tad bit bored and feeling like I wished this one would pick up the pace a bit. The story overall was really good but I sometimes just found myself feeling like there were too many info dumps as new characters or situations became involved or that the story would just slow here and there.

Overall, certainly an interesting story in the end but just a bit slow keeping my attention at times.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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