Beauty Sleeping (Make a Wish Series Book 1) by Farha Hasan

Beauty Sleeping (Make a Wish Series Book 1)Beauty Sleeping by Farha Hasan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Beauty Sleeping is the first book in the Make a Wish series and an adult Sleeping Beauty retelling. Laila lays in the hospital in a coma but has a supernatural connection to those that visit her and even some that don’t. She needs to somehow bring her Prince Charming to her to wake her from her sleep.

Meanwhile, Safia and Aiden are both overworked and in their separate lives but seem to be on a inevitable course. Destiny and fate are in their paths as the young sleeping girl watches over them both from her hospital room.

Beauty Sleeping started off a tad confusing for me bringing in all the different characters and their different POVs. I wasn’t quite sure as the story was introducing everyone who they were and what they would mean to the story for a while since it didn’t seem immediately obvious how everyone would connect.

As the story moves on though the touches of supernatural were a nice addition but again with the pacing and writing style it took me a while to link it all together. Perhaps this was all just me but it just seemed to not mesh well together until the second half of the book when you learn more of the details.

Overall, not too bad a story after the slow start to me though. Interesting to make this one into a retelling involving adults and their busy lives and problems.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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