Death of a Toy Soldier: A Vintage Toyshop Mystery by Barbara Early

Death of a Toy Soldier: A Vintage Toyshop MysteryDeath of a Toy Soldier: A Vintage Toyshop Mystery by Barbara Early
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Liz McCall never pictured herself becoming the manager of her retired father’s vintage toy shop but yet that is exactly where she finds herself. After her retired from the police force Liz’s father invested in the store putting his entire pension into the business and now needs a bit of help.

When a nervous customer walks in with some really rare toys Liz wants her father to take a look at them to determine just what it is he wants to sell so he leaves his card for her. A few nights later though Liz finds the same mysterious man with a lawn dart through his chest and her father knocked out next to him. As a retired cop Liz’s father can’t help but try to figure out what happened to him when he fails to remember and of course Liz can’t let him investigate alone.

Death of a Toy Soldier is a pretty good little cozy mystery with the underlying set up that I enjoy, someone in the story with investigation skills to actually help make the story a bit more believable. The things that stood out with this one is with page after page you just never knew what you would find next in the story.

Overall, with likable characters and setting and twists and turns and fun at every page this was a rather fun read that I certainly enjoyed.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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