Beautiful Maids All in a Row (Iris Ballard #1) by Jennifer Harlow

Beautiful Maids All in a Row (Iris Ballard, #1)Beautiful Maids All in a Row by Jennifer Harlow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dr. Iris Ballard thought her days of chasing serial killers with the FBI were long over after she herself was injured and her husband murdered. Iris has spent the time since buried in a bottle and popping prescription pain killers to hide from the worst time of her life.

When Iris’s former partner, Luke Hudson, show up and asks for Iris to help solve the case of a serial killer on the loose targeting women she finds herself brought back into the world of the FBI. The media has dubbed the killer the Woodsman but Iris comes up with a scarily accurate profile of the killer. When she begins to receive phone calls from the killer a game of cat and mouse begins to prove his guilt.

Beautiful Maids All in a Row is possibly one of those reads that I went into with my expectations a tad too high after seeing a lot of wonderful reviews. For me I found this one seemed to have flaws that others had overlooked and I just didn’t get that wow factor that I was expecting.

First, I’m not sure why the author chose to have the main character basically portrayed as an addict at the start of the story only to have her to a complete about face and become a sober kick butt agent in the blink of an eye. This really lost any touch with reality because no one could be burying their troubles in booze and pills and not suffer some withdrawals. I would have been more convinced if she’d been hiding a flask while on the job or something to make that part a tad more realistic.

Then, as for the story it seemed to be the investigation was over fairly quickly and it became more of a lack of evidence dance between characters. This to me wasn’t quite as compelling for some reason, I just kept thinking arrest him or shoot him or something. I understand evidence being needed for trials but there were some details in there that I questioned why it wasn’t enough and the story was continuing.

Overall, not a bad story but I didn’t completely fall in love with this one either. A few flaws in my eyes made this one just an OK read but the writing good enough I would possibly pick up others from this author in the future.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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