His Jingle Bell Princess by Barbara Dunlop

His Jingle Bell PrincessHis Jingle Bell Princess by Barbara Dunlop
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When the private plane that Crown Princess Jasmine Arcules has been flying in makes an unexpected stop near the small town of Tucker, Maine Jasmine can’t help but sneak off to get some air during the repairs. But when Jasmine comes back to board the plane she finds that it has already left the airport.

Now, stranded Jasmine has no idea what she will do. Used to having a security detail and surrounded all the time the princess is at a lost on her own and has left all her belongings on the plane including her phone. When a kind lady comes to her rescue and offers Jasmine a place to stay she can’t turn down the kindness but doesn’t admit to being a princess. So now Jasmine find herself staying in the home with along with widower Sam Cutler and his two daughters just before Christmas.

His Jingle Bell Princess is a really sweet Christmassy clean romance. Stranded Jasmine has no idea how to get along in the “real” world and Sam is overcoming the loss of his wife over the holiday a few years before. Bringing Jasmine into their lives was just the medicine that Sam and his daughters needed to bring joy back into the holiday.

One of my favorite types of romance reads is when the couple is given time to interact and develop feelings for one another along with bringing in their family lives to make the hoped for happily ever after a bit more realistic. Jasmine was immediately taken in by Sam’s daughters and that’s always a heartwarming story when the kids are excited about a potential relationship.

Overall, a lovely little holiday small town romance.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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    • This one should still be up on Netgalley but they’ve done such a great job making it hard to find archive dates don’t quote me on that. LOL I went a little overboard with the seasonal reads but it’s that time of year to start the feel good stories. 🙂

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      • You’re totally right, you have to be approved and then go to book’s page to see archive date. I wish we could see it even before requesting so we could schedule our request, like, if I’m 62% and I know that the book will be up even 2 months after, I won’t request it right away but will work on my ratio. But since I don’t know, I’ll request it and then I’ll probably get declined bc my ratio is too low…
        Ahh, troubles of a bookblogger…

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