Spindle by Shonna Slayton

SpindleSpindle by Shonna Slayton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In a world where fairies lurk and curses linger, love can bleed like the prick of a finger.

Briar Rose works in the spinning mill trying to support herself and her younger siblings but her wages have just been cut and things are not looking good. Not only is Briar in danger of losing what’s left of her family but the boy she thought she would be marrying is now with someone else and her best friend Henry Prince has decided to go explore and leave Briar behind.

When a mysterious peddler offers Briar a magic spindle and a chance to increase her productivity and wages Briar can’t resist the offer. Unfortunately the magic comes with a price when Briar finds that the other girls that she works with are coming down with a mysterious sleeping sickness and Briar is afraid she may be next.

Spindle is based off the tale Sleeping Beauty but has been given it’s own little twist on the story. I actually really enjoyed what the author had done with Briar as a character and her situation along with what was going on in the plot.

The one thing that bothered me with this read though is the middle of the book seemed to dragged on for me for quite a while. Personally I just felt with the little bit of forward progress made in the story that a lot could have been condensed down quite a bit. It’s a good tale so it’s unfortunate it went so slowly for me.

Overall, a Sleeping Beauty retelling with it’s own twist on the story. A bit slow paced in my opinion but not a bad read in the end.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I never got a response to my request for this, but now I’m not so disappointed. It sounds okay, but with all the other books I have, definitely one I won’t mind missing.💁🏻

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    • Entangled is being really really slow lately. Even when requesting from their emails I don’t get a response most of the time. I just got a widget sent for a book the author asked me to review and that has been quite a wait too. They used to be really quickly so hopefully it will speed up again soon.

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      • Hmm. Disney hasn’t approved a request for me in months, and I’ve noticed at least a couple of my favorite publishers like Sourcebooks Fire, and Bloomsbury, have been really slow in offering anything new in recent weeks.🤔

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        • I think all three of those would be most likely ones that ignore or decline me. Disney is a rare approval, Sourcebooks has like approved me once and I’m not sure i’ve ever gotten one from Bloomsbury. Entangled however I’m in their group on FB and supposed to get direct widgets, they’ve just been off on getting things to everyone, not sure why. A few people have said the quickest way seems to be to just request it on Netgalley but I’ve had those sit for a week or two too. Hopefully they work it all out. I’m starting to wonder if the site changes are giving some trouble for their end of things although other publishers like St. Martin are still really quick.

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