The Murder of a Queen Bee (Henny Penny Farmette Mystery #2) by Meera Lester

The Murder of a Queen Bee (Henny Penny Farmette Mystery #2)The Murder of a Queen Bee by Meera Lester
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When Abigail Mackenzie left her former job as a police officer she made a fresh start for herself as a beekeeper and farmer in Las Flores, California. What Abby didn’t expect was to find herself drawn into a murder investigation after her friend Fiona doesn’t arrive for a lunch date one afternoon.

Hours after Fiona was a no show to the scheduled lunch her body is found in a burned out car in what looks to have been a horrific accident. But what the medical examiner finds is a bit shocking, it was obvious that Fiona had already been dead before the fire, Abby is immediately drawn into the investigation out of loyalty to her friend.

The Murder of a Queen Bee sounds like the exact kind of cozy mystery that I should have absolutely loved to read. The idea that the main character was once a police officer was very appealing since sometimes I just can’t get behind a character getting involved in solving a murder who had no previous experience.

Unfortunately though it didn’t take long to find that this book just really wasn’t my cup of tea. The story often gets a bit overly descriptive to the point it became a tedious read that feels more like I’m being taught about every little detail than enjoying a fictional whodunnit. But also another thing I found a bit frustrating was between each chapter it jumps into recipes and tips that just completely broke up any flow of the story for me. As much as that seems like a great addition I would personally prefer it be held off until the end.

Overall, just not my cup a tea I’m afraid. A bit too detailed narrative and wasn’t a fan of the formatting with some added extras.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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