Crash (Crash, #1) by Nicole Williams

Crash (Crash, #1)Crash by Nicole Williams
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Lucy spends all of her time practicing dancing and has dreams of going onto Julliard to study after high school. Lucy was never expecting to have to switch schools in her senior year though but her parents are struggling financially so Lucy finds herself at Southpointe High.

When Lucy stumbles into bad boy Jude at Southpointe High she knows that he is everything she needs to stay away from but finds herself slowly being pulled into his world. Jude has not only a reputation but a rap sheet to go with it and even though he claims to have turned over a new leaf and changed can Lucy actually believe in him?

Crash is a well written romance but I just never really got behind this relationship at all. We have the typical good girl falling for the bad boy where a reader is supposed to root for this boy to change his way and become Mr. Right. But there were so many red flags about Jude that I just never could get behind the story and root for it.

I’m all for anyone improving their lives and making a change for the better but when it comes to relationships this needs to be done beforehand in my opinion. Jude had some good in there that people may fall in love with but he also had a temper and was not honest about a lot of things. There’s a huge lack of trust among other things involved.

In the end, just not one for me I’m afraid. I can see some loving the protective bad boy but I just think anger management might be up his alley.


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