Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast

Moon ChosenMoon Chosen by P.C. Cast
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Mari has been raised by her mother who is an Earth Walker. Calling on the power of the moon her mother can heal the clan and needs to name a replacement for her position. Mari should be the one chosen but Mari has had to hide half of herself her whole life because her father was not of the Earth Walkers. When an attack happens Mari decides to stop hiding the other half of herself after she is chosen by a canine from her father’s clan.

Nik is from the clan that Mari’s father had come from and is out with other members from his tribe searching the lost pup when he sees Mari call on the power of the sun. Nik finds out who Mari might be from his father who was friends with Mari’s father and is determined to track her down. Unfortunately what brings the two together is Nik needing Mari’s help.

Moon Chosen was an intriguing read that had me hooked with parts of the story and a bit confused and bored with others. Early on the story jumps POVs rather quickly and it almost feels like you’ve managed to switch books mid-reading. It was hard to figure out just what each section meant to the others until fairly late in the book.

I think for me personally I would have enjoyed this one a lot more without the slow build and confusing start. The length of the book is over six hundred pages and it felt there could have been a more direct approach to the world and character building that could have cut the book down quite a bit and not had me wondering if I should continue on reading in the beginning.

I think around midway through or perhaps a bit farther everything began to make sense in the story and the parts that I had been enjoying in the earlier sections merged with the parts I was a bit iffy on and it became a much more enjoyable fantasy read.

Overall, 3.5 stars for Moon Chosen. An enjoyable fantasy read with interesting concepts to the different tribes of people but a very slow pace that could get a bit confusing.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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